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Kenny Ziemniak

Kenny Ziemniak

Kenny Ziemniak

Sales & Rental Agent

Born and brought up in New Jersey, Kenny always had a warmth to his personality, and a big engaging, friendly smile reinstates the same. It may sound cliched, but Kenny had a knack for real estate from the start, and luckily enough, he got the chance to prove himself in the homegrown Ritch Realty. Kenny, his wife, and two children live, work, and play in Grand Cayman.

Now it has been more than 25 years since Kenny has been zealously working as a Real estate agent in Cayman, turning clients into long-lasting associations.

If you want to know anything about Cayman, Kenny is your main, and he will show you how to have a GOOD time, steadily educating you about Cayman and its real estate and helping you find your dream home.

You can call on him to show you the time of your life, educate you about Cayman Real Estate, and find you the right property.

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